we’re open again


On the contractor’s side, there are still some maintenance and other jobs to be done around the swimming pool area that cannot be coordinated after business hours! We apologize for the inconvenience!

Come join us for a swim on the long weekend!

On October 23, 24 and 25, from 7:30 to 21:00, everyone can visit the swimming pool for a uniform fee of HUF 1,500.

What we offer:
☑️ Swimming in a 33 m pool with a tent
☑️ Use of the hot water pool with children
☑️ We invite you to a homemade delicacy in the buffet

Call or write to us for more information, we will be happy to help!
☎️ +36 1 607 8645
✉️ uszoda@gydu.hu

We look forward to seeing you!
The team of Gyarmati Dezső Swimming Pool


Dear Guests!

In line with the government’s tightening of mask wearing rules, we would like to inform everyone that in the Dezső Gyarmati Swimming Pool, it is MANDATORY to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth everywhere except the pool area and the changing rooms.

The mask can be removed from the buffet for food and drink.

Please pay close attention to the rule and keep a safe distance without having to warn you about it!

Let’s take care of ourselves and each other!

Everybody is welcome who wants to do sports or is just looking to find an active way to relax. We were really glad to receive such a lot of applications by people who are interested in swimming and water polo.

For District II, this new swimming pool is of great importance. It will provide opportunities for a more comfortable and cost-effective school swimming program, as well as a swimming program and water polo instruction, alongside active recreational opportunities for the general public.

Besides the school swimming program (we have already established contact with schools), children have an opportunity during the afternoon to take part in activities such as swimming lessons and water polo.

Swimming lessons start from 4 pm to 8 pm o’clock from Monday to Friday. There are 4 levels: shallow water beginners, shallow water advanced level, deep water beginners, deep water advanced level. The duration of each lesson is 55 minutes including playtime.

The group assignments will be conducted by Éva Risztov and her instructors as part of a swim level placement test, where children will be directed to a group that is appropriate to their level of knowledge.

Taking part in a free swim level placement is a prerequisite for enrollment.
You can apply by writing us on following email address: kiss.cecilia@masodikkeruletsport.hu


Gyarmati Dezső Uszoda 
1029 Budapest Máriaremetei út 224.
+36 1 607 8645

Swimming lessons manager: Éva Risztov
Water polo education manager: István Kovács

Sport and education organiser:
Kiss Cecília Rita

II. Kerületi Sport és Szabadidősport Nonprofit Kft.

About the swimming pool

This sports establishment has been a dream of people living in Pesthidegkút and nearby for a long time. With this swimming pool investment on Máriaremete street, the municipal government wanted to establish a swimming pool, which can serve the needs of residents living near a farther, alongside being a water polo recruitment and youth education center, and also be a venue for bigger swimming and water polo events.  At the same time, it can serve the demands of the local institutions as well.

In the indoor swimming pool, there is a 50×25 meter-long pool, which can be divided into two pools with a 25-25 meter water surface. They can serve both the residence swimming needs and water polo youth education training sessions. The total pool area with its 10 lanes can be a venue for international swimming competitions. A buffet and a fitness gym can also be found in the establishment. The outdoor 33×20 meter-long pool is suitable for a beach swimming pool in summer, but it is also suitable for water polo matches. A 20×10 meter-long training pool was also created, where children from nearby schools can have swimming lessons in the mornings.